Stepney Registration District

1871 Census Street Index

This is a list of streets and places in the Stepney Registration District in the 1871 census.

This is a locating aid only and does not contain links to the actual 1871 census returns.

StreetNearby StreetDwellingCommentReferenceFolio
Abbotts CottagesBurdett RoadRG 10/55262
Abbotts FarmBurdett RoadRG 10/55262
Adams PlaceSalmon LaneRG 10/550119-120
Addington TerraceCommercial Road EastRG 10/55213-14
Agnes StreetBurdett RoadRG 10/55363-64
Albany PlaceCommercial Road EastRG 10/547100-101
Albany StreetBromley StreetAlbany CottageRG 10/547160
Albany StreetBromley Street1-6RG 10/55836
Albert SquareAlbert StreetRG 10/544116-118, 124
Albert SquareCommercial Road EastRG 10/54637-42
Albert StreetCable StreetRG 10/544112-116, 124
Albion TerraceCommercial Road EastRG 10/55111-12
Alfred PlaceMary StreetRG 10/55311-12
Alfred TerraceMary StreetRG 10/55311-12
Almshouses88-92 White Horse StreetStepney MeetingRG 10/54721
AlmshousesSchool house LaneCoopersRG 10/54877
AlmshousesStepney High StreetLady MicosRG 10/547137
AlmshousesSun Tavern RowCarrsRG 10/54518-19
AlmshousesWellclose SquareEmmanuelsRG 10/545114-115
Anchor StreetCatherine StreetRG 10/55012-14
Angel CourtVictoria StreetRG 10/544103-104, 124
Angel GardensCable StreetRG 10/544104-110
Anglesea PlaceCommercial Road EastRG 10/5515
Ann StreetDevonport StreetRG 10/54667-74
Anns CourtSalmon LaneRG 10/550117-118
Anns PlaceJamaica PlaceRG 10/551174
Anns TerraceMary StreetRG 10/5538-10
Anns TerraceRhodeswell RoadRG 10/55312-13
Arthur StreetBurdett RoadRG 10/55346-47
Ashfield PlaceBull LaneRG 10/547113-114
Ashley PlaceStepney CausewayRG 10/54696-97
Aston StreetSalmon LaneRG 10/55039-45
Ballast OfficeNarrow StreetRG 10/54736
Balls BuildingsWhite Horse StreetRG 10/54711-12
Barnes BuildingsNightingale LaneRG 10/55148
Barnes StreetSalmon LaneRG 10/55028-29
Bath StreetHardinge StreetRG 10/54626-31
Batson StreetThree Colt StreetRG 10/55194-96
Beards PlaceEastfield StreetRG 10/54951
Belgrave StreetCommercial Road EastRG 10/547125-137
Bell Wharf HillShadwell High StreetRG 10/54483
Bere StreetButcher RowRG 10/5488-12
Birchfield TerraceWest StreetRG 10/55234
Black Jack AlleyCoopers RowRG 10/545108-109
Black Thorn PlaceBrook StreetRG 10/54714-15
Black Thorn PlaceBrook StreetRG 10/54714-15
Bloomsbury TerraceCommercial Road EastRG 10/54699-100
Blue Anchor AlleyBrook StreetRG 10/54860-64
Blue Gate FieldsVictoria StreetRG 10/53941-45
Boarded EntrySouth sideRG 10/54446-48
Boarded EntryPrusoms IslandNorth sideRG 10/54039-41
Bow Common LaneChemical Worksremainder see MILE END OLD TOWN & POPLARRG 10/55395
Bower StreetCommercial Road EastRG 10/54647-51
Brewers CourtNew Gravel LaneRG 10/54445
Brewhouse LaneWapping High StreetRG 10/54559
Brewhouse StreetShadwellRG 10/54479-80
Bridge TerraceCanal SideRG 10/552133-134
Britannia PlaceLock HouseRG 10/55122
Britannia PlaceCommercial Road EastRG 10/550126
Broad BridgeShadwell High StreetRG 10/54491-92
Broad Street97-123RG 10/54814-17
Broad Street2-70South sideRG 10/5481-7
Broad Street72RG 10/54817
Broad StreetRatcliff Cross1-95North sideRG 10/54821-26
Brocks CottageDevonport StreetRG 10/54614
Bromley StreetCommercial Road EastRG 10/547145-160
Brook Street85-127 oddRG 10/546106-110
Brook Street131-143 oddRG 10/54714-16
Brook Street24-102 evenRG 10/54844-49
Brook Street2-22 evenRG 10/54832-33
Brook Streetcontinuation of Cable Street1-83 oddRG 10/54657-66
Brook TerraceFeatherstone BuildingsRG 10/55290-91
Brooklyn CottagesRhodeswell RoadRG 10/54961
Brooklyn CottagesSalmon LaneRG 10/54961
Brown Bear AlleyRoyal Mint Street1-6RG 10/545104-105
Brown Bear AlleyRoyal Mint StreetPart5?RG 10/5247
Brunswick PlaceCaroline StreetRG 10/54695-96
Brunswick TerraceCommercial Road EastRG 10/54764-65
Bruntons CottagesCommercial Road EastRG 10/54742-43
Bruntons PlaceCommercial Road EastRG 10/54742-43
Bull CourtBrook StreetRG 10/54714-15
Bull CourtBrook StreetRG 10/54714-15
Bull LaneMarket Place & 1-17South sideRG 10/547116-119
Bull Lane1-10RG 10/56498-99
Bull LaneStepney High Street1-7, 1-9North sideRG 10/564109-111
Burdett RoadMile End Road-East India RoadNorthern half Mile End Road endformerly Victoria Road repeated many times 1- 14RG 10/561146-155, 162-163
Burdett RoadMile End Road-East India Road43-59 oddodd numbers are still being changed & are somewhat confused& mixedRG 10/561150-151
Burdett RoadMile End Road-East India RoadAlpine Cottages & Olive VillasRG 10/561162-163
Burdett RoadMile End Road-East India Road76-150 evenRG 10/561156-161
Burdett RoadMile End Road-East India Road41-155 oddRG 10/561153-154
Burdett RoadMile End Road-East India Road89-117 oddRG 10/561155-155
Burdett RoadMile End Road-East India Road2-74 evenSouthern half East India Road endRG 10/55341-46
Burdett RoadMile End Road-East India Road1-41 oddSouthern half East India Road endRG 10/55339-40
Burdett RoadMile End Road-East India Road1-13Southern half East India Road endRG 10/55262-64
Burdett RoadMile End Road-East India RoadBurdett & Single TerracesRG 10/5621-3
Burdett RoadMile End Road-East India RoadSt Pauls SchoolRG 10/561159
Burdett RoadMile End Road-East India RoadLime CottagesRG 10/5623-4
Burdett RoadMile End Road-East India RoadSt Pauls Lodge 1-2RG 10/55341
Burdett RoadMile End Road-East India RoadVictoria FoundryRG 10/55346
Burgess StreetSt Pauls RoadRG 10/55380-88
Burlington PlaceBroad StreetRG 10/54838
Burn StreetCarr StreetRG 10/54997-98
Burtons EntryWhite Horse StreetRG 10/547105
Butcher RowBrook StreetEast sideRG 10/54732-33
Butcher RowBrook StreetWest sideRG 10/54716-17
Cable Street262-486 evensee St GEORGE IN THE EAST 2-260 evenRG 10/544128-143
Cable Street389-431 oddsee St GEORGE IN THE EAST1-387 oddRG 10/5467-10
Canal SideRhodeswell RoadBridge Terrace & Lock HouseRG 10/549133-134
Canal SideRhodeswell RoadTomlin Terrace remainderRG 10/552112-117
Canal SideRhodeswell RoadTomlin Terrace Part 11RG 10/54961
Caroline PlaceCarr StreetRG 10/54992
Caroline StreetCommercial Road Eastodd numbersRG 10/546120-125
Caroline StreetCommercial Road Easteven numbersRG 10/54691-95
Carr StreetRhodeswell Road-Salmon Lane110-128 evennow includes all Henry StreetRG 10/564112-113
Carr StreetRhodeswell Road-Salmon Lane79-85 oddnow includes all Henry StreetRG 10/564113-114
Carr StreetRhodeswell Road-Salmon Lane78-108 evennow includes all Henry StreetRG 10/55080-82
Carr StreetRhodeswell Road-Salmon Lane2-76 evennow includes all Henry StreetRG 10/54991-94
Carr StreetRhodeswell Road-Salmon Lane57-77 oddnow includes all Henry StreetRG 10/55079-80
Carr StreetRhodeswell Road-Salmon Lane1-55 oddnow includes all Henry StreetRG 10/54989-91
Carr StreetRhodeswell Road-Salmon LaneMoss' Metal Warehousenow includes all Henry StreetRG 10/550111
Carr StreetRhodeswell Road-Salmon Lane1now includes all Henry StreetRG 10/54994
Carrick PlaceNorthey StreetRG 10/55148-49
Carters YardTwine CourtRG 10/5453
Catherine PlaceCatherine Streetincludes Buckingham & Java CottagesRG 10/54995-97
Catherine RentsTwine CourtRG 10/5453-4-3-
Catherine StreetWhite Horse Street(Note - severalRG 10/54965-83
Catherine TerraceCatherine StreetRG 10/54983-84
Chamber SquareUpper East SmithfieldRG 10/545110-112
Chancery CourtAngel GardensRG 10/544110-112 124
Chancery PlaceAngel GardensRG 10/544110-112
Chapel PlaceVictoria StreetRG 10/544101, 124
Charles PlaceLove LaneRG 10/544147-148
Chivers CourtNightingale LaneRG 10/55144-46
ChurchWapping High StreetRG 10/54576
Church Lane2-40RG 10/55115-21
Church Lanecontinuation of Church Row1RG 10/55121-22
Church RowCommercial Road East1-23RG 10/55110-14
Church Row EastEast India RoadEast Church RowRG 10/55235-35
Church Row EastEast India RoadEast RowRG 10/55234-35
Church RowsWhite Horse StreetRG 10/547109-116
Cinnamon StreetOld Gravel LaneRG 10/54565-70
Claydons BuildingsSalmon LaneRG 10/55096-97
Clemence StreetBurdett RoadRG 10/55365-67
Coach House YardLove LaneunoccupiedRG 10/544125
Coleman StreetNew Gravel LaneRG 10/54448-50 59
Colet PlaceSalmon Lane?RG 10/54721
Collingwood StreetBrook StreetRG 10/54834-38
Commercial Road EastWarkworth TerraceNorth sideRG 10/550124-125, 128-129
Commercial Road EastSt Anns PlaceNorth sideRG 10/55211-13-24
Commercial Road EastAlbany Place & Drapers ShopNorth sideRG 10/547100-101
Commercial Road EastVittoria PlaceNorth sideRG 10/550125-126
Commercial Road EastWaterloo PlaceNorth sideRG 10/550126-127
Commercial Road EastBloomsbury TerraceSouth sideRG 10/54699-100
Commercial Road EastHardwick Place 8-18South sideRG 10/54642-43
Commercial Road EastBrunswick TerraceSouth sideRG 10/54764-65
Commercial Road EastRegent TerraceNorth sideRG 10/54741-42
Commercial Road EastJupps TerraceNorth sideRG 10/54745-46
Commercial Road EastKings TerraceSouth sideRG 10/54765-66
Commercial Road EastYork TerraceNorth sideRG 10/54744-45
Commercial Road EastProvidence Place, LimehouseSouth sideRG 10/5524-5
Commercial Road EastBruntons FactoryNorth sideRG 10/550124
Commercial Road EastKings Arms PlaceSouth sideRG 10/546120
Commercial Road EastWaterloo TerraceSouth sideRG 10/5474-5
Commercial Road EastWellington PlaceNorth sideRG 10/550128
Commercial Road EastBritannia PlaceNorth sideRG 10/550126
Commercial Road EastSt Anns RectorySouth sideRG 10/5516-7
Commercial Road EastUnion TerraceSouth sideRG 10/546100
Commercial Road EastNorway PlaceSouth sideRG 10/5516-7
Commercial Road EastWharfSouth sideRG 10/5516-7
Commercial Road EastRegent House, 4 Queen TerraceNorth sideRG 10/54741
Commercial Road EastRegents Canal Dock BasinSouth sideRG 10/54767
Commercial Road EastWhite Swan Public HouseSouth sideRG 10/54766
Commercial Road EastBritannia Lock HouseNorth sideRG 10/55121
Commercial Road EastHardwick Place 1-7South sideRG 10/55763
Commercial Road EastQueens TerraceNorth sideRG 10/54761
Commercial Road EastRoberts PlaceSouth sideRG 10/54766
Commercial Road EastSuffolk PlaceNorth sideRG 10/54746
Commercial Road EastUpton TerraceSouth sideRG 10/54651
Commercial Road EastQueens PlaceNorth sideRG 10/54761
Commercial Road EastRegent PlaceNorth sideRG 10/54742
Commercial Road EastCommercial Terrace, LimehouseSouth sideRG 10/5524
Commercial Road EastAnglesea PlaceSouth sideRG 10/5515
Commercial Road EastRegent PlaceSouth sideRG 10/5514
Commercial Road Eastcont. from from Havering St Eastwards to endAlbion TerraceSouth sideRG 10/5514-5
Commercial Road Eastcont. from Portland St to end Limehouse, Commercial Rd EastAddington TerraceNorth sideRG 10/55213-14
Commercial TerraceRG 10/5524
Conant PlaceWest India Dock RoadRG 10/55225-26
Coopers CourtUpper East SmithfieldRG 10/545109-110
Coopers RowUpper East SmithfieldRG 10/545109-110
Copenhagen PlaceSalmon LaneSouth side repeated 1-9RG 10/552134-136
Copenhagen PlaceSalmon LaneNorth side 1-20RG 10/55286-89
Copenhagen PlaceSalmon LaneLee LodgeRG 10/55289-90
Copenhagen PlaceSalmon Lane30-35RG 10/55289-90
Copenhagen PlaceSalmon Lane10-16partRG 10/552140
Copenhagen PlaceSalmon LaneWharfRG 10/552140
Copenhagen PlaceSalmon Lanepart16-17RG 10/54961
Cottage PlaceMill PlaceRG 10/5517
Cotton StreetSt Pauls RoadRG 10/55347-63
Cow YardSun Tavern GapRG 10/54519
Cowpers BuildingsNightingale LaneRG 10/55146
Cradle CourtLove LaneunoccupiedRG 10/544125
Cross RowPeriwinkle StreetRG 10/546114
Cross StreetRich StreetRG 10/551170
Crown RowRhodeswell RoadRG 10/55312
Cut SideRisbies Rope WalkRG 10/55139-40
Dalgleish PlaceMargaret StreetRG 10/550129-131
Dalgleish StreetSalmon Lane1-42partRG 10/550131
Dalgleish StreetSalmon Lanepart42-44MISSING from ED13RG 10/550
Dean StreetGoulds HillRG 10/54483-89
Devonport StreetCommercial Road EastremainderRG 10/54610-15
Devonport StreetCommercial Road Eastpart 1RG 10/55766
Devonshire PlaceJohn StreetRG 10/54998-99
Dixon StreetWilliam Street, Cotton StreetRG 10/55291-97
Dock StreetRoyal Mint Streetnumbers repeatedsmall Southern endRG 10/545101-102
Dock StreetRoyal Mint Streetgreater partRG 10/52566-69
Dod StreetBurdett RoadRG 10/55274-77
Dorset PlaceDorset StreetRG 10/54696
Dorset StreetCommercial Road Eastpart 6-33MISSING from ED3RG 10/54688-91
Dorset StreetCommercial Road East1-6 partMISSING from ED3RG 10/546
Drill Placesee Birchfield Terrace
Drill PlaceWest StreetRG 10/55234
Dudley TerraceRhodeswell RoadRG 10/55297-100
Duke of York StepsElbow LaneRG 10/54438
Duke Shore AlleyRopemakers FieldsRG 10/55170
Dunstan CourtBrook StreetRG 10/54855-60
Dunstan PlaceBrook StreetRG 10/54855-60
Durham Rowmixed with Church RowRG 10/547109-116
Durham RowsWhite Horse StreetRG 10/547109-116
Durham TerraceHenry StreetRG 10/54758-59
East Church RowEast India RoadEast Church Rowlater Amoy PlaceRG 10/55235-36
East Church RowEast India RoadEast Bowlater Amoy PlaceRG 10/55234-35
East India Road2-50 evensee POPLAR 52-240 evenRG 10/55231-33
East India Road1-51 oddsee POPLAR 53-301 oddRG 10/55237-40
East India Road(Addington Terrace?) 1-2RG 10/55213
East RowCommercial Road East, LimehouseRG 10/55214-16
Eastfield StreetWhite Horse StreetRG 10/54931-60
Eastfield StreetWhite Horse Street2,4,part6MISSING from ED2RG 10/549
Ebenezer PlaceVincent StreetRG 10/55074-75
Ebenezer PlaceWest India Dock RoadRG 10/5526-8
Edward StreetSalmon Lanenumbers mixed & repeatedRG 10/549107-118
Elbow LaneNew Gravel LaneRG 10/54438
Eliza TerraceRhodeswell RoadRG 10/552121
Elizabeth CourtBrook StreetRG 10/54663-64
Elizabeth PlaceBurn StreetRG 10/54997
Elizabeth PlaceDorset StreetRG 10/54698
Elliotts CourtNightingale LaneRG 10/55148
Elm RowKing David LaneRG 10/54513
Elm RowLove LaneRG 10/544145
Emma PlaceDevonport StreetRG 10/54614-15
Farmer StreetShadwell High Street1RG 10/54433-34
Farmers RowSalmon LaneMISSING from ED25RG 10/552
Farrant TerraceMary StreetRG 10/55310-11
Farthing HatchNightingale LaneRG 10/55139
Featherstone BuildingsRhodeswell Road1-24RG 10/552136-139
Featherstone BuildingsRhodeswell Road25-26?MISSING from ED25RG 10/552
Fire Station19 Broad Street, ShadwellRG 10/54825
Five Bell AlleyThree Colt StreetRG 10/55197-98
Fore StreetThree Colt StreetLock House & 1-95part of Narrow Street now includedRG 10/55170-77
Fore StreetThree Colt StreetShoe Blacks Homepart of Narrow Street now includedRG 10/55199
Fore StreetThree Colt Street17part of Narrow Street now includedRG 10/55082
Fortunate PlaceVictoria StreetRG 10/544100-101
Fox & Goose YardColeman StreetRG 10/54459
Fox LaneShadwell High StreetRG 10/54475
Francis StreetBurdett RoadNorth side 1-14later Farrance Street being builtRG 10/55270-71
Francis StreetBurdett RoadSouth side 1-34later Farrance Street being builtRG 10/55265-69
Francis StreetBurdett Road55-58, 93-100later Farrance Street being builtRG 10/55272-74
Francis StreetBurdett Road51-52later Farrance Street being builtRG 10/58346
Francis StreetBurdett Roadcorner of Pigott Street 4-5RG 10/55243
Francis StreetBurdett Road53-54RG 10/55270
Frederick StreetRhodeswell RoadRG 10/552121-128
Frederick TerraceRhodeswell RoadRG 10/552117-118
Friendly PlaceSun Tavern GapRG 10/54519
Garden CourtRopemakers FieldsRG 10/55167
Garden PlaceBere StreetRG 10/54812-13
George CourtCommercial Road EastRG 10/5475-10
George CourtHarris CourtRG 10/54869-70
George StreetCommercial Road EastRG 10/5475-10
George StreetSalmon Lanenumbers mixed & repeatedRG 10/549118-128
Giles CourtPeriwinkle StreetRG 10/546113
Giles PlacePeriwinkle StreetRG 10/546113
Gill StreetWest India Dock RoadRG 10/551154-164
Gin AlleyNarrow StreetRG 10/54773-74
Glasshouse StreetBrook StreetGlasshouse Fields are unoccupiedRG 10/54833
Glasshouse StreetUpper East SmithfieldThe parts of these streets in Shadwell STEPNEY appear to have been demolished or are uninhabitable due to the building of new extensions of the Great Eastern Railway for Goods DepotsRG 10/545103
Glasshouse YardBrook StreetGlasshouse Fields are unoccupiedRG 10/54833
Glasshouse YardUpper East SmithfieldThe parts of these streets in Shadwell STEPNEY appear to have been demolished or are uninhabitable due to the building of new extensions of the Great Eastern Railway for Goods DepotRG 10/545103
Globe AlleyFore StreetRG 10/55143-44
Gloucester CourtSalmon LaneRG 10/550114-117
Gloucester StreetSalmon LaneRG 10/550114-117
Glovers CourtWhite Horse StreetRG 10/54710
Goodmans RentsRopemakers FieldsRG 10/55168
Goulds HillShadwell High StreetRG 10/54489-90
Gravel Lanesee Old & New Gravel Lane
Great Hermitage StreetWapping High Street1-2, 7RG 10/54221
Green BankPolice Station & 6-16RG 10/54592-93
Green BankSouth side 1-9RG 10/54113-14
Green Bank3-27RG 10/54153-55
Green Bank25-39RG 10/54131
Green BankOld Gravel LaneNorth side 1-26RG 10/5419-13
Green StreetWhite Horse StreetRG 10/54761
Green YardBlack Jack AlleyRG 10/545105-108
Grocers CourtUpper Well AlleyRG 10/54578-79
Grove CourtWhite Horse StreetRG 10/54713-14
Gun LaneWest India Dock RoadRG 10/551126-134
Gun SquareWest India Dock RoadRG 10/551126-134
Hales TerraceWest India Dock RoadRG 10/5528
Hamlet CourtHarris CourtRG 10/54864-66
Hardinge Street2-14 evenRG 10/55763-65
Hardinge Street91RG 10/53410-11
Hardinge Street16-90 evenRG 10/5344-10
Hardinge Street5-53 oddRG 10/5464-7
Hardinge StreetCable Street1-5 oddRG 10/55765
Hardwick Place8-18RG 10/54642-43
Hardwick PlaceCommercial Road East1-7RG 10/55763
Harods Place10-11RG 10/5267-8
Harods PlaceWellclose Square1-8RG 10/545112-113
Harris CourtBrook Streetincludes Little & New Harris CourtsRG 10/54866-69
Hastings PlaceShadwell High StreetRG 10/544112
Havering StreetCommercial Road EastNo 1 not given but must be No 4 Robarts PlaceRG 10/55746, 63
Havering StreetCommercial Road EastremainderRG 10/54631-37
Hawthorndean PlaceWest India Doak RoadRG 10/55226-27
Henry StreetRhodeswell RoadRG 10/55313-20
Henry StreetYork Street EastRG 10/54756-59
Hermitage Street24-64RG 10/54221-22
Hermitage Street3-23RG 10/54019-24
Hermitage StreetPart 10RG 10/54026
Hermitage Street10-13RG 10/54598
Hermitage Street24-25RG 10/54598
Hobsons Courtthree housesMISSING from ED25RG 10/552
Hobsons CourtFeatherstone Buildings1RG 10/54961
Homes & RefugesStrangers HouseSeamenRG 10/55225
Homes & Refuges18 Stepney CausewayEast End Juvenile Mission RefugeBanardoes?RG 10/54652-53
Homes & RefugesThree Colt StreetUnion Jack & Shoe Blacks BrigadeRG 10/55199
Hope CottagesChurch LaneRG 10/55121
Hope TerraceRhodeswell RoadRG 10/55057-58
Hopsons Courtthree housesMISSING from ED25RG 10/552
Hopsons CourtFeatherstone Buildings1RG 10/54961
Horseferry Branch RoadCommercial Road EastRG 10/54764
HospitalsEast London ChildrensRG 10/5487-8
HospitalsDormatories for East London, Childrens Hospital ServantsRG 10/54734
Hunts MewsKing David LaneRG 10/54517-18
India TerraceWest India Dock RoadRG 10/55224-25
Island RowCommercial Road EastRG 10/5518-10
Jamaica PassageRich StreetRG 10/551174-176
Jamaica PlaceWest India Dock RoadRG 10/551165-167
Jamaica TerraceWest India Dock RoadRG 10/5528-9
James PlaceDevonport StreetRG 10/54675-80
James StreetHardinge StreetRG 10/54624-26
James StreetSalmon Lanenumbers mixed & repeatedRG 10/549130-138
Jenkins CourtRopemakers FieldsdemolishedRG 10/55177
John StreetRG 10/55017-24
John StreetCarr Streetnumbers mixed & repeatedRG 10/54999
John StreetRhodeswell RoadRG 10/552102-106
Johns CourtJohn StreetunoccupiedRG 10/54999
Johns GardensJohn StreetunoccupiedRG 10/54999
Johnson StreetCable StreetRG 10/544118-124
Juniper RowKing David LaneRG 10/54513-16
Jupps TerraceCommercial Road EastRG 10/54745-46
King David LaneCable StreetRG 10/5459-13
King Edward StreetWapping High StreetRG 10/54553-56
King Johns CourtThree Colt StreetRG 10/551113-114
King StreetWest India Dock Road1-6, 9, 12see POPLAR includes Eagle & Prospect PlacesRG 10/58398-101
King StreetWest India Dock RoadSTEPNEY unoccupied1-3?see LimehouseRG 10/55227
Kings Arms PlaceCommercial Road EastRG 10/546120
Kings CottagesCopenhagen PlaceCopenhagen Place?RG 10/552140
Kings TerraceCommercial Road EastRG 10/54765-66
Kirks PlaceRhodeswell RoadRG 10/55332-34
Kirks RowSt Pauls RoadRG 10/55334-35
Kirvan CottagesNorthey StreetRG 10/55138-39
Labour in Vain StreetShadwellRG 10/54477-79
Lambs CourtDorset StreetRG 10/54698
Lane CottagesRopemakers FieldsRG 10/55168
Lead WorksCommercial Road EastRG 10/5518-10
Leading StreetLower ShadwellRG 10/54492
Lee LodgeCopenhagen PlaceRG 10/55289
Limehouse CausewayWest India Dock RoadRG 10/551103-113
Limehouse CutBarges on CutRG 10/553103-106
Limehouse CutBoats on CutRG 10/553103-106
Limehouse CutCut SideRG 10/55139-40
Limehouse CutLock Housesee also POPLARRG 10/55170
Limehouse CutBritannia Lock HouseRG 10/55122
Linton PlaceRopemakers FieldsRG 10/55169-70
Little Hermitage Street1-7RG 10/54018-19
Little John StreetStepney CausewayRG 10/546100-102
Lloyd YardSt Anns RowRG 10/55219
Lock HouseCanal SideRG 10/552133-134
London StreetCommercial Road EastRG 10/54780-96
Love LaneCable StreetWest sideRG 10/544143-148
Love LaneCable StreetEast sideRG 10/54826-32
Love Lane CourtLove LaneRG 10/54832
Love Lane SquareLove LaneRG 10/54832
Lower Rich StreetRG 10/551139-142
Lower ShadwellRG 10/54471-75
Lower TurningMilk YardRG 10/54463
Lower TurningMilk YardRG 10/54463
Lower Well AlleyGreen BankRG 10/54139-44
Lubes CourtWapping WallRG 10/54465
Maidenhead CourtWapping High StreetRG 10/54576-78
Maidstone PlaceRhodeswell RoadRG 10/552100
Maize RowChurch RowRG 10/55140-41
Maldons CourtNightingale LaneRG 10/55152
Manning StreetCarr StreetRG 10/55076-79
Manor CourtPeriwinkle StreetRG 10/546113-114
Margaret PlaceCommercial Road EastRG 10/55086-92
Margaret StreetCommercial Road EastRG 10/55086-92
Market HillShadwell High StreetRG 10/54476-77
Market StreetBull LaneRG 10/547119-120
Mary StreetRhodeswell RoadRG 10/5534-10
Marys CottagesEastfield StreetRG 10/54948-49
Mays RowChurch RowRG 10/55140-41
Mercer StreetCable StreetRG 10/5455-9
Merchant RowSt Ann StreetRG 10/55219-20
MiddleMilk YardRG 10/54463
Middle John StreetStepney CausewayRG 10/546100-102
Middle ShadwellRG 10/54492-93
Middle TurningMilk YardRG 10/54463
Milk YardNew Gravel LaneRG 10/54463-65
Mill PlaceCommercial Road EastRG 10/5518
Monmouth StreetPopes HillRG 10/54480-81
Narrow StreetFore Street1-14Ratcliff Cross to Limehouse Basin, Regents CanalRG 10/54734-36
Narrow StreetFore StreetEastern half now part of Fore StreetRG 10/54734-36
Narrow StreetFore StreetEagle &Murrells Coal WharvesRG 10/54734-36
Narrow StreetFore StreetBallast OfficeRG 10/54734-36
Neilsea PlaceSalmon LaneunoccupiedRG 10/550120
Nelson CourtSalmon LaneRG 10/550114
Neptune StreetWellclose SquareToll House CottageRG 10/545115-116
Neptune StreetWellclose SquareWest side 1-7RG 10/545115-116
Neptune StreetWellclose SquareEast side formerly Neptune CourtRG 10/52819
New AlleyThree Colt StreetRG 10/55198-99
New Cranenow Wapping High Street
New Gravel Lane17-57 oddRG 10/54440-41
New Gravel Lane8-40 evenRG 10/54442-45
New Gravel Lane1-7 oddRG 10/54438-39
New Gravel Lane2-6 evenRG 10/54439
New Market Street72-84now part of Old Gravel Lane
New SquareThree Colt StreetRG 10/551116-117
New SquareThree Colt StreetRG 10/55198-99
New StreetThree Colt Street1-19RG 10/551114-118
New StreetThree Colt Street2020 wrongly entered as Regent StreetRG 10/551121
Nightingale LaneFore StreetRG 10/55141-43
Nightingale PlaceNightingale LaneRG 10/55152-53
Nisbets CourtThree Colt StreetRG 10/55197
North StreetWhite Horse StreetRG 10/5494-27
Northey StreetChurch LaneRG 10/55126-39
Norway PlaceCommercial Road EastRG 10/5516-7
Norway WharfCommercial Road EastRG 10/5516-7
Oak CottagesChurch LaneRG 10/55121
Oak LaneChurch LaneRG 10/55153-55
Ocean RowMarket Place & 1-17South sideRG 10/547116-119
Ocean Row1-7, 1-9North sideRG 10/564109-111
Ocean Row1-10RG 10/56498-99
Ohrens CourtPeriwinkle StreetRG 10/546114-116
Old Gravel Lane14-50 evenRG 10/54060-63
Old Gravel Lane52-70 evenRG 10/54114-16
Old Gravel Lane72-84 evenRG 10/54558-59
Old Gravel Lane75-115 oddRG 10/54236-38
Old Gravel Lane2-12 evenRG 10/53974-75
Old Gravel Lane44aRG 10/5404, 11
Old Gravel Lane41-73 oddRG 10/5404-6
Old Gravel Laneparts 53, 63RG 10/54011
Old Gravel LaneSt George Street1-39 oddRG 10/53975-77
Painters RentsBroad StreetRG 10/54715-16
Palmer StreetStepney High StreetRG 10/547137-138
Park Streetentered as 11-14 80-83RG 10/551118-119
Park Street14-79RG 10/583113-124
Park Streetpart34RG 10/538132
Park StreetThree Colt Street1-13RG 10/551118-121
Parnham StreetCarr Street- Rhodeswell RoadNorth of CanalRG 10/549101-103
Parnham StreetCarr Street- Rhodeswell RoadSouth of CanalRG 10/552132-133
Peabody SquareShadwell High StreetRG 10/54521-40
Pear Tree CourtShadwell High StreetRG 10/54433
Peel AlleyShadwellRG 10/54475-76
Pelling StreetStainsby RoadRG 10/55279-82
Penson PlaceWest India Dock RoadRG 10/5526
Periwinkle StreetBrook StreetRG 10/546110-113
Phoenix PlaceButcher RowRG 10/54771-72
Pier Head12-14RG 10/5425
Pier HeadWapping High Street1-11RG 10/54574-76
Pier HeadWapping WallDock Masters HouseRG 10/54457
Pigott Street62-70 evenRG 10/58346-47
Pigott Street2-60 evenRG 10/55251-55
Pigott Street67-79 oddMISSING from ED14 81, 83RG 10/58347
Pigott StreetEast India Road1-65 oddRG 10/55255-58
Pleasant RowAshley PlaceRG 10/54696
Police StationsKing David LaneRG 10/54510-11
Police StationsGreen BankRG 10/54593
Police StationsWapping High StreetThamesRG 10/54547-48
Popes HillShadwell High StreetRG 10/54481-82
Portland Street62-80 evenRG 10/547163-164
Portland Street2-46 evenRG 10/547160-163
Portland Street48-60 evenRG 10/55835-36
Portland StreetCommercial Road East1-41 oddRG 10/55832-35
Princes PlaceNightingale LaneRG 10/55146-48
Prospect PlaceEastfield StreetRG 10/54938-39
Prospect PlaceSalmon LaneunoccupiedRG 10/550120
Providence PlaceCommercial Road EastLimehouseRG 10/5524-5
Providence PlaceLimehouse CausewayRG 10/551105-106
Providence PlaceVincent StreetRG 10/55073-74
Prusoms IslandWapping High StreetunoccupiedEast side see St GEORGE IN THE EAST, West sideRG 10/54551-52
Pump YardPhoenix PlaceRG 10/54772
Queen Catherine CourtBrook StreetRG 10/546108-109
Queen CourtQueen StreetRG 10/54772-73
Queen StreetLondon StreetRG 10/54774-80
Queens Head AlleyWapping High StreetRG 10/54589-93
Queens PlaceCommercial Road EastRG 10/54761
Queens TerraceCommercial Road EastRG 10/54761
Railway ArchesSouth StreetRG 10/551144-145
Railway ArchesWellington Place, West India Dock RoadRG 10/55211
Railway PlaceLimehouse CausewayRG 10/551106
Railway PlaceSalmon LaneRG 10/550108-110
Ratcliffe CrossNarrow Street12-19RG 10/54733-34
Ratcliffe CrossNarrow StreetEast London Childrens HospitalRG 10/5487-8
Ratcliffe CrossNarrow StreetThe Ship Public House 3RG 10/5437
Ratcliffe SquareCommercial Road EastRG 10/546116-120
Red Lion CourtUpper Well AlleyRG 10/54580-82
Red Lion PlaceUpper Well AlleyRG 10/54580-82
Red Lion StreetWapping High StreetRG 10/54584-89
Reform PlaceEastfield StreetRG 10/54954-55
Regent CanalCanal SideRG 10/552112-117
Regent CanalCanal SideRG 10/552133-134
Regent CanalLock HouseRG 10/552133-134
Regent CanalBarges on CanalRG 10/55397-102
Regent CanalBoats on CanalRG 10/55397-102
Regent CanalShippingRG 10/54881-82
Regent CanalDock BasinRG 10/54767
Regent CanalDock BasinRG 10/5517
Regent PlaceCommercial Road EastRG 10/5514
Regent Place HouseCommercial Road EastRG 10/54741-42
Regent Place TerraceCommercial Road EastRG 10/54741-42
Regent StreetWest side 1-12RG 10/551121-122
Regent StreetLimehouse CausewayEast side 14-23RG 10/583112-113
Regents CourtCottage, Carr StreetRG 10/54999-101
Regents CourtPlace, Carr StreetRG 10/54999-101
Regents StreetCommercial Road EastRG 10/54764
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon LaneFeatherstone Buildings 1-24MISSING from ED25 Featherstone Buildings 25-26?RG 10/552136-139
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon LaneVictory Public House & 1-2Northern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/564111-112
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon LaneSalisbury Place 1-4Northern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/564115-116
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon LaneSt Andrews TerraceNorthern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/552118-121
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon LaneFrederick TerraceNorthern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/552117-118
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon LaneRosamond CottagesNorthern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/552101-102
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon LaneLaneham CottagesNorthern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/552101-102
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon LaneLaura PlaceNorthern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/564114-115
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon Lane1-19, 2-4Northern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/552128-132
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon Lane1-11Northern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/552101-102
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon LaneDudley TerraceNorthern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/55297-100
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon LaneRhodeswell Terrace 9-35Northern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/56374-77
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon LaneRhodeswell Terrace 1-8Northern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/58371-72
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon LaneSalisbury Terrace 1-14Northern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/55055-57
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon LaneBrighton TerraceNorthern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/56361-63
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon LaneGeorgiana PlaceNorthern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/56372-74
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon LaneJohns TerraceNorthern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/56363-64
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon LaneTaylors CourtNorthern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/55058-61
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon LaneTaylors PlaceNorthern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/55058-61
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon LaneAnns TerraceNorthern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/55312-13
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon LaneHope TerraceNorthern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/55057-58
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon Lanerepeated 1-5Northern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/55053-55
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon LaneMaidstone PlaceNorthern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/552100
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon LaneMyrtle CottageNorthern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/552100
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon LaneEliza TerraceNorthern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/552121
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon LaneSt Andrews Terrace part5Northern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/54961
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon LaneBrooklyn Cottages?Northern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/54961
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon LaneEdy TerraceNorthern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/56371
Rhodeswell RoadSalmon LaneCrown RowNorthern end later became Ben Jonson RoadRG 10/55312
Rich StreetWest India Dock RoadRG 10/551167-169
Richard StreetWhite Horse Streetnumbers mixed & repeatedRG 10/5504-10
Rickmans RentsRopemakers FieldsRG 10/55168-69
Risbies RopewalkFore StreetRG 10/55139-40
Robert StreetWest India Dock RoadRG 10/551148-150
Roberts PlaceCommercial Road EastRG 10/54766
Rollinsons BrickfieldSpencer StreetRG 10/552108
Ropemakers FieldsThree Colt StreetRG 10/55159-67
Ropemakers FieldsThree Colt StreetCourtRG 10/55168
Rose LaneWhite Horse StreetRG 10/54762-64
Rosetta StreetCatherine StreetRG 10/55014-17
Roslin PlaceWest StreetRG 10/55234
Rugg StreetWest India Dock RoadRG 10/55236-37
Sailors InstituteMercer StreetRG 10/5459
Sal leys AlleyQueen StreetRG 10/54774
Salisbury PlaceRhodeswell Road1-4, 15-18RG 10/564115-116
Salisbury StreetRhodeswell RoadRG 10/55061-62
Salisbury TerraceRhodeswell Road1-14RG 10/55055-57
Salmon CourtSalmon LaneRG 10/550112
Salmon Lane52-162 evenRG 10/550102-107
Salmon Lane101-217 oddRG 10/55092-98
Salmon LaneColet PlaceRG 10/54721-22
Salmon Lane2-50 evenRG 10/54722-26
Salmon LaneWorkhouseRG 10/54721-22
Salmon Lane7-99 oddRG 10/55032-39
Salmon LaneWhite Horse Street1-5 oddRG 10/54721
Salmon PlaceSalmon LaneRG 10/550111-112
Salmon StreetSalmon LaneRG 10/550112-113
Salter StreetGun LaneRG 10/551145-148
Samuel StreetSalmon Lanenumbers mixed & repeatedRG 10/549138-149
Sarah StreetNew Gravel LaneRG 10/54445-46
Schoolhouse LaneBrook StreetRG 10/54851-55, 77
SchoolsLove Lane MissionRG 10/544148
SchoolsDixon StreetNationalRG 10/54961
SchoolsShadwell High StreetNationalRG 10/5448
SchoolsWapping High StreetChurch StreetRG 10/54576
SchoolsWhite Horse StreetRatcliffe CharityRG 10/547102
SchoolsWhite Horse StreetSt James SchoolhouseRG 10/54730
Selles TerraceWilliam StreetRG 10/54617-19
Shadwellsee Lower & Middle Shadwell
Shadwell GreenGoulds HillRG 10/54490-91
Shadwell High Street1-245RG 10/2454-33
Shepards TerraceWest India Dock RoadRG 10/5525-6
Ship YardFore StreetRG 10/55172
ShippingRegent Canal Dock BasinRG 10/54881-82
ShippingRatcliffeRiver Thames off LimehouseRG 10/553119-124
ShippingRatcliffeShadwell BasinRiver Thames off ShadwellRG 10/545123-174
ShippingRatcliffeWapping BasinRiver Thames off WappingRG 10/545175-188
ShippingRatcliffeDundee Arms WharfRG 10/545175-188
ShippingRatcliffeUnion StairsRG 10/545175-188
ShippingRatcliffeLondon DockRG 10/545123-174
ShippingRatcliffeLimehouse CutRG 10/55397-106
ShippingRatcliffeRegent CanalRG 10/54884-133
ShippingRatcliffeRegent CanalRG 10/55397-106
ShippingRatcliffein WharvesRG 10/54884-133
ShippingRatcliffeon ThamesRG 10/54884-133
Short StreetMercer StreetRG 10/5459
Shoulder of Mutton AlleyFore StreetRG 10/55144
Silver StreetStainsby RoadRG 10/55277-79
Sir William Warren SquareWapping High StreetRG 10/54552-53
Smiths PlaceSalmon StreetRG 10/550113-114
South StreetRich StreetRG 10/551142-145
Spencer StreetRhodeswell RoadRG 10/552106-108
Spread Eagle StreetGun LaneRG 10/551134-138
Spread Eagle StreetGun LaneCourtunoccupiedRG 10/551139
Spring Garden Place1-10South sideRG 10/547139-140
Spring Garden Place1,1aNorth sideRG 10/558102-103
Spring Garden Place1-12North sideRG 10/55980-81
Spring Garden PlaceGoulds HillRG 10/54491
Spring Garden PlaceStepney High Street1-3North sideRG 10/55888
St Andrews TerraceRhodeswell RoadremainderRG 10/552118-121
St Andrews TerraceRhodeswell Roadpart 5RG 10/54961
St Ann StreetCommercial Road East, LimehouseRG 10/55220-24
St Annes RectoryCommercial Road EastRG 10/5516
St Anns FarmBurdett RoadRG 10/55262
St Anns PlaceCommercial Road EastRG 10/55211-13, 24
St Anns RowSt Ann StreetRG 10/55216-19
St George StreetRatcliffe Highway212-225repeatedRG 10/54598-101
St George StreetRatcliffe Highway67-69see St GEORGE IN EAST1-211RG 10/545101
St James VicarageButcher RowRG 10/54733
St Pauls RoadRhodeswell Road-Bow Common Lane being builtChemical Works & unnumbered on South side near Bow Common LaneRG 10/55395-96
St Pauls RoadRhodeswell Road-Bow Common Lane being builtCotton Arms Public HouseRG 10/56368-69
St Pauls RoadRhodeswell Road-Bow Common Lane being built48-64 evenRG 10/56369-70
St Pauls RoadRhodeswell Road-Bow Common Lane being built2-20 evenRG 10/55367-68
St Pauls RoadRhodeswell Road-Bow Common Lane being builtKirks RowRG 10/55334-35
St Pauls RoadRhodeswell Road-Bow Common Lane being built1-59 oddRG 10/56365-68
St Pauls RoadRhodeswell Road-Bow Common Lane being built11-14RG 10/56368-69
St Pauls RoadRhodeswell Road-Bow Common Lane being builtAlbion TavernRG 10/56365
Stainsby Road64-124 evenRG 10/55246-51
Stainsby Road45-107 oddRG 10/55241-46
Stainsby Road17-41 oddRG 10/58343-44
Stainsby Road6-36 evenRG 10/58344-46
Stainsby Road2-4 evenRG 10/58342-43
Stainsby Road41Conant Arms Place, 43MISSING from ED12RG 10/582
Stainsby Road38-62 evenMISSING from ED12RG 10/582
Stainsby RoadEast India Road1-15 oddRG 10/55240-41
Star StreetWapping WallRG 10/54459-63
Stephen CottagesJames StreetRG 10/549130
Stepney CausewayCommercial Road East1-37part oddRG 10/54684-87
Stepney CausewayCommercial Road East2-48 evenRG 10/54651-57
Stepney CausewayCommercial Road Eastpart37-40? oddMISSING from ED3RG 10/546
Stepney Causeway CourtRG 10/54674
Stepney High Street14-18East sideRG 10/547138-139
Stepney High Street1-12East sideRG 10/547120-121
Stepney High StreetLukes PlaceWest sideRG 10/55978-79
Stepney High Street1-9West sideRG 10/55978-80
Stepney High StreetLady Micos AlmshousesEast sideRG 10/547137
Stepney High StreetSt Dunstans PlaceWest sideRG 10/55979
Stevens BuildingsNarrow StreetRG 10/54773-74
Stone StairsBroad StreetRG 10/5485
Stone Stairs CourtBroad StreetRG 10/54839-40a
Stratford TerraceThomas StreetRG 10/54619-22
Suffolk PlaceCommercial Road EastRG 10/54746
Sun Tavern GapCable Street1RG 10/544139
Sun Tavern PlaceKing David LaneRG 10/54516-17
Sun Tavern RowCable StreetRG 10/54519-20
Susannah RowDorset StreetRG 10/54697
Taylors PlaceRhodeswell RoadRG 10/55058-61
Tenbury PlaceJamaica PlaceRG 10/551172-173
The OrchardBroad StreetRG 10/54813-14
The RuinsHarris CourtRG 10/54871-73
Thomas RentsNightingale LaneRG 10/55151-52
Thomas StreetBurdett RoadRG 10/55388-95
Thomas StreetHardinge StreetRG 10/54619-24
Three Colt CourtThree Colt StreetRG 10/55196-97
Three Colt StreetCommercial Road East- Emmett Street1-147 oddincludes Lime Kiln HillRG 10/55186-94
Three Colt StreetCommercial Road East- Emmett Street2-104 evenRG 10/55181-86
Three Compasses CourtStepney CausewayRG 10/54698-99
Three Cup CourtMiddle ShadwellRG 10/54493
Three Foxes CourtNarrow StreetRG 10/54736-37
Tomlin TerraceCanal SideremainderRG 10/552112-117
Tomlin TerraceCanal SidePart 11RG 10/54961
Tower BuildingsBrewhouse LaneRG 10/54559-65
Triggs CottagesPlace & Row, Northey StreetRG 10/55149-50
Turners RoadRhodeswell Road- Bow Common Lane115-162RG 10/56313-18
Turners RoadRhodeswell Road- Bow Common Lane75-99RG 10/55325-32
Turners RoadRhodeswell Road- Bow Common Lane1-25RG 10/55320-25
Turners RoadRhodeswell Road- Bow Common Lane28-73RG 10/5637-13
Turners RoadRhodeswell Road- Bow Common Lane100-114RG 10/5635-7
Turners RoadRhodeswell Road- Bow Common Lane26-27RG 10/5635
Turners RowRisbies RopewalkRG 10/55140
Twine CourtCable StreetRG 10/5453
Twine StreetCable StreetRG 10/5454
Union PlaceGill StreetRG 10/551170-172
Union TerraceCommercial Road EastRG 10/546100
Union TerraceEastfield StreetRG 10/54950-51
Upper East Smithfield43-66RG 10/545102-104
Upper East Smithfield1-38RG 10/52423-36
Upper East SmithfieldVestry HouseRG 10/52436
Upper East Smithfield39-41RG 10/52418
Upper John StreetStepney CausewayRG 10/546100-102
Upper Well AlleyRG 10/54579-84
Upton TerraceCommercial Road EastRG 10/54651
Vectus CottagesHenry StreetRG 10/55317
Victoria Lodge1 Albert SquareRG 10/544116
Victoria PlaceJames StreetRG 10/549130
Victoria PlaceVictoria StreetRG 10/544101-103
Victoria PlaceWest India Dock RoadRG 10/5525
Victoria StreetWest side to Blue Gate FieldsRG 10/53941-45
Victoria StreetCable StreetEast sideRG 10/54497-100
Vincent StreetCarr StreetRG 10/55066-73
Vine PassageHarris CourtRG 10/54874-77
Vine PlaceHarris CourtRG 10/54874-77
Vine Yard PlaceBrook StreetRG 10/54873-74
Vittoria PlaceCommercial Road EastRG 10/550125-126
Vulcan CottageFrederick StreetRG 10/552125
Waggoner PieceWapping WallRG 10/54465-67
Wagners PieceWapping WallRG 10/54465-67
Walker StreetSt Pauls RoadRG 10/55372-80
Walker TerraceJames StreetRG 10/549130, 134
Walter StreetSpring GardensRG 10/547141-145
Wapping Dock StreetWapping High StreetRG 10/54556-58
Wapping High Street198-202New Crane?RG 10/54441-42
Wapping High Street123-182RG 10/54548-51
Wapping High Street215-267RG 10/54544-48
Wapping High Street305-339RG 10/54597-98
Wapping High Street9-59RG 10/54015-18
Wapping High Street60-71RG 10/5424-5
Wapping High Street203New Crane?RG 10/54039
Wapping High StreetVestry 98RG 10/54576
Wapping High Street103, 118RG 10/54584
Wapping High Street277-288RG 10/54574
Wapping High StreetRectoryRG 10/54576
Wapping High Street97RG 10/54593
Wapping High Streetdo not exist 1-8also called Wapping Street other numbers unoccupied or non-existent
Wapping WallRG 10/54450-59
Warkworth TerraceCommercial Road EastRG 10/550124-125, 128-129
Warton PlaceSchool house LaneRG 10/54849-51
Warwick PlaceNorth StreetRG 10/54910
Waterloo PlaceCommercial Road EastRG 10/550126-127
Waterloo PlaceRatcliffe SquareRG 10/546117
Waterloo StreetCommercial Road EastRG 10/550127-128
Waterloo TerraceCommercial Road EastRG 10/5474-5
Well StreetCable Streetremainder mixed & repeatedRG 10/5263-7
Well StreetCable Street1 East & West sides & 1aRG 10/545112
Wellclose SquareEmmanuels AlmshousesRG 10/545114-115
Wellclose Square29-32RG 10/545113-115
Wellclose Square33-39RG 10/52818-19
Wellclose Square40-52RG 10/52932-34
Wellclose Square1-7RG 10/52934-36
Wellclose Square9-28RG 10/5269-15
Wellclose SquareSt Pauls SchoolRG 10/5268-9
Wellclose Square41RG 10/52942
Wellington CourtBrook StreetunoccupiedRG 10/54840a
Wellington PlaceCommercial Road EastRG 10/550128
Wellington PlaceWest India Dock RoadRG 10/5529-11
Wellington TerraceCommercial Road EastRG 10/550128
Wellington TerraceWest India Dock RoadRG 10/5529-11
West GardensNew Gravel LaneRG 10/54439
West India Dock RoadHawthorndean PlaceNorth East sideRG 10/55226-27
West India Dock RoadIndia TerraceNorth East sideRG 10/55224-25
West India Dock RoadConant PlaceNorth East sideRG 10/55225-26
West India Dock RoadWellington TerraceSouth West sideRG 10/5529-11
West India Dock RoadWellington PlaceSouth West sideRG 10/5529-11
West India Dock RoadJamaica & Railway TavernsNorth East sideRG 10/583132
West India Dock Roadfour Houses in POPLARNorth East sideRG 10/583100
West India Dock RoadShepards TerraceSouth West sideRG 10/5525-6
West India Dock RoadJamaica TerraceSouth West sideRG 10/5528-9
West India Dock RoadEbenezer PlaceSouth West sideRG 10/5526-8
West India Dock RoadCustom HouseNorth East sideRG 10/583132
West India Dock RoadBlue Posts Public HouseNorth East sideRG 10/55227
West India Dock RoadDeans BuildingsNorth East sideRG 10/58387
West India Dock RoadStrangers HouseNorth East sideRG 10/55225
West India Dock RoadCorner HouseNorth East sideRG 10/58387
West India Dock RoadVictoria PlaceSouth West sideRG 10/5525
West India Dock RoadHales TerraceSouth West sideRG 10/5523
West India Dock RoadPenson PlaceSouth West sideRG 10/5526
West RowSt Anns RowRG 10/55216-17
West StreetEast India Road-West India Dock RoadEast side: Devonshire House & 1-11later called Blrchfield StreetRG 10/58387-89
West StreetEast India Road-West India Dock RoadBirchfield TerraceWest sideRG 10/55234
West StreetEast India Road-West India Dock RoadRoslin PlaceWest sideRG 10/55234
West StreetEast India Road-West India Dock RoadDrill PlaceWest sideRG 10/55234
West StreetEast India Road-West India Dock Roadpart of Birchfield CottageRG 10/58348
West StreetEast India Road-West India Dock Roadpart of Birchfield & six other cottagesMISSING from ED14RG 10/583
West StreetSpread Eagle StreetRG 10/551138-139
WharvesCopenhagen, Salmon LaneRG 10/552140
WharvesThomas StreetRG 10/55394
WharvesBroad StreetFree Trade & StonehouseRG 10/5484
WharvesBroad StreetKeepierRG 10/5487
WharvesCommercial Road EastNorwayRG 10/5517
WharvesNarrow StreetEagle & Murrell Coal dwelling housesRG 10/54736
White Horse StreetCommercial Road East39-159 oddRG 10/547101-109
White Horse StreetCommercial Road East1-37 oddpart formerly Old Manor RoadRG 10/54710-13
White Horse StreetCommercial Road East94-172 evenRG 10/55049-53
White Horse StreetCommercial Road East2-86 evenRG 10/54727-32
White Horse StreetCommercial Road East88-92 evenRG 10/54721
Whitehall PlaceThree Colt StreetRG 10/55196
Whites RentsRopemakers FieldsRG 10/55167
Wilkes CourtGlasshouse StreetRG 10/54833-34
William StreetCatherine StreetRG 10/55010-12, 24
William StreetHardinge StreetRG 10/54615-17
William StreetSalmon LaneRG 10/54759-61
William TerraceCatherine StreetRG 10/55010-12, 24
William TerraceHardinge StreetRG 10/54615-17
William TerraceSalmon LaneRG 10/54759-61
Williams PlaceSalmon LaneRG 10/550116-117
Willow RowNightingale LaneRG 10/55150-51
Wilson Street43RG 10/55045
Wilson StreetWhite Horse Street1-42RG 10/55029-32
Wilsons PlaceSalmon LaneRG 10/550118-119
WorkhousesChurch Lane, LimehouseChildrens EstablishmentRG 10/553107-117
WorkhousesGreen BankWappingRG 10/545117-122
WorkhousesSalmon LaneRatcliffeRG 10/54721-22
WorkhousesSt Leonard StreetStepney UnionRG 10/57525-37
Wormwood RentsRatcliffe SquareRG 10/546116
Wrights BuildingsSalmon LaneRG 10/550110-111
York PlaceCatherine StreetRG 10/54984-85
York RoadCommercial Road EastEast sideRG 10/550107-108
York RoadCommercial Road EastWest sideRG 10/54743-44
York SquareYork Street EastRG 10/54754-56
York SquareYork Street WestRG 10/54754-56
York Street EastCommercial Road EastRG 10/54746-50
York Street WestRG 10/54750-54, 61
York TerraceCommercial Road EastRG 10/54744-45
York TerraceYork Street WestRG 10/54754