Login to Member Area with Facebook

Some members have experienced difficulty logging into the Member Area.

One of reasons for this is the email address they are using to login has changed and does not match our records.

There’s also the never ending ’forgotten password’ saga, general typing problems or not knowing how to copy & paste their new password when it is sent to them.

So, to make things easier for those with a Facebook account, you can now login to the member area using your Facebook login details.

Simply click on the Login with Facebook button.

facebook-login-button copy

If you are logged into Facebook you will be logged in immediately to the Member Area.

If you are NOT logged into Facebook you will be required to enter your Facebook login details.

This depends entirely on your EoLFHS registered email address being the same as your Facebook email address.

The choice of how you login is yours, but please, do yourselves & us a small favour.

Make a note of your password somewhere.