Society Membership

What happens to lapsed members at an AGM

As outlined in the Summer Edition of Cockney Ancestor 2016, the Society has implemented a new online membership database.

The old database was becoming difficult to administer and also prevented us from offering improved online services to our members.

Last September’s renewal period proved especially taxing.

Many members appeared not to have noticed our pleas to ensure they paid the correct subscription fees or change their standing orders.

The Membership Secretary and Webmaster spend many hours on the telephone and by email resolving the ensuing problems.

These problems have now been resolved although it has to be noted, many members have still not renewed on time!

For information, and as detailed in Cockney Ancestor, members who failed to renew by 31st December 2016 are now deemed to be lapsed members and will therefore need to re-join the Society.

Please bear this in mind if you intend to vote at the forthcoming AGM.