Newham cemetery information

East London Cemetery

230a Grange Road
London E13 0HB

First burial: August 1872

Registers held at: At cemetery
Records not accessible to public

Manor Park Cemetery and Crematorium plc

Sebert Road
Forest Gate
London E7 0NP

First burial 1874
First cremation: 1955

Registers held at the Cemetery
Personal searches allowed
Fees based on number of years of search
Written requests should include name of deceased, month and year
Link to web site

West Ham Cemetery

Cemetery Road
Forest Gate
London E7 9DG

First burial: 3 November 1857

Registers held at the Cemetery
No personal searches
No charge at present
All enquiries to The Superintendent with name of deceased, month and year

Woodgrange Park Cemetery Company

540 Romford Road
Manor Park
London E7 8AF


First burial: 1889

Registers 1889 - 1971 filmed by Latter Day Saints available at the London Family History Centre
Copies can also be hired via LDS Family History Libraries at their Churches
Each Register is indexed
Registers from 1981 held at Cemetery, together with card index in numerical order for private graves
All registers held at:

Badgehurst Ltd
Fen Lane
RM16 3LT
Tel: 01375 891440
Fax: 01375 892928

No personal searches

Request for search to Badgehurst as above, stating name of deceased, date of burial or death or grave number
Current charge fifteen pounds sterling
Link to Friends of Woodgrange Park Cemetery