Hackney cemetery information

Abney Park Cemetry Trust

Stoke Newington High Street
London N16 0LH

First burial: 1840

Registers from 1887 held at Cemetery
Personal search allowed on application
Written requests should include name of deceased and year of burial

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Notes about the free online register index.

Revised: 24 FEB 2000.

The data-base now includes 193,000 of the 196,843 total burial references.

These are spread over 26022 different Surnames. (Going down as errors corrected.)

More ages have now been added. There are 67314 left to be added.

More christian names have been included to replace initials.

The registers from 3 June 1840 to 3 April 1978 are also on microfilm at:

Hackney Archives Department
43 De Beauvoir Road
London N1 5SQ

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General advice given
Personal searches by appointment
Fee based search service

Missing dates:
22/01/1903 to 17/11/1903
10/10/1934 to 10/02/1936
27/04/1970 to 07/05/1973